It's only natural to have questions. Luckily, we have the answers. Check out these Frequently Asked Questions. Still looking for the right answer? Visit Contact Us and we'll be in touch.

  1. What is Freedom Fan?

    Freedom Fan is a social network that believes respect, integrity, purpose and security should be the most important aspects to an online experience.

  2. Why is Freedom Fan important?

    Freedom Fan offers a social ecosystem that avoids treating users like a commodity and starts meaningful connections among its culturally diverse community.

  3. What makes Freedom Fan different from other social media sites?

    We believe that every user is an individual, not a target for advertisers. Features are chosen to promote trust as well as a positive atmosphere throughout the entire site.

  4. Who is involved with Freedom Fan?

    The Freedom Fan team employs a worldwide staff of professionals.

  5. When was Freedom Fan founded?

    Freedom Fan was founded in 2011.

  6. Can anyone set up an account?

    Yes. Freedom Fan is open to everyone.

  7. Can my business or event set up an account?

    Yes. Businesses and events are welcome.

  8. Are real names required on accounts?

    No. You can use any name or alias for your profile.

  9. What are merits?

    Merits are our way of tracking your trustworthiness in the Freedom Fan community. We assign points based on a variety of activities from uploading photos to receiving badges.

  10. Any job opportunities?

    There are currently no vacancies at Freedom Fan. As employment beomes available we will post them on our job listing page.

  11. How do I contact Freedom Fan?

    Please visit our Contact Us page.

  12. What is your privacy policy?

    Click Privacy Policy for more details.

  13. What are the terms and conditions for your site?

    Click Terms & Conditions for more details.